New Nicaragua Project Video

April 1st, 2014

COTAP partner Taking Root has launched a brand new video about its social reforestation program in Nicaragua, showing how reforestation can help absorb the CO2 produced by our daily actions while providing important socio-economic benefits for smallholder farmers.

Introducing COTAP’s 5th Project

March 14th, 2014

Located in the remote East Khasi Hills of India, this project will protect and restore 27,000 hectares of forests, offset over 860K tonnes of CO2 emissions, and improve livelihoods for 4,400 families that live on less than $2 per day. Now when you offset through, you’re counteracting your CO2 emissions and changing lives through 5 projects on 3 continents! Learn more on the Khasi Hills project page


February 24, 2014 Transparency Updates

February 24th, 2014

Note added 7/9/14: Due to updates to the Markit Environmental Registry system, the below table’s retirement links no longer work; however, the links have been fixed on our Transparency page.

As of today, here’s how and when Cotappers’ tonnes have been allocated (or are going to be allocated) to our 4 projects. This table is a “snapshot” of where things stand today. The most current table, with examples of how to interpret the allocation of your COTAP transaction(s), can always be found on our Transparency page. To view the respective retirement record, click on the Retirement date:

Nicaragua4/27/1312/6/1312/10/131/9/14 (1 of 2)2013
Nicaragua4/27/1312/6/1312/10/131/9/14 (2 of 2)2013
Uganda3/4/1312/7/1312/10/131/12/14 (1 of 3)2010
Uganda3/4/1312/7/1312/10/131/12/14 (2 of 3)2010
Uganda3/4/1312/7/1312/10/131/12/14 (3 of 3)2010
Mozambique6/19/131/2/141/24/142/19/14 (1 of 2)2011
Mozambique6/19/131/2/141/24/142/19/14 (2 of 2)2011
Malawi2/15/1312/9/1312/11/131/9/14 (1 of 2)2010
Malawi2/15/1312/9/1312/11/131/9/14 (2 of 2)2010

As of today, COTAP owes all of its projects $5,117 for 587 tonnes. COTAP performed a round of partner disbursals in early December in order to promptly and publicly register a business client’s transaction on the Markit Environmental Registry. Shortly thereafter, quite a few more Cotapper transactions occurred in the remainder of December, and then a 303 tonne transaction occurred in late January.

Historically, COTAP’s retirement tonnage per partner payment has averaged about 300 tonnes. Thus, the “what we owe” tonnage (if you divide 587 by our four projects) is consistent with that. We would prefer to disburse Cotappers’ funds to partners more frequently, but we also need to balance that with our transaction costs.

COTAP in La Nación

November 19th, 2013

la-nacion-costa-ricaAn article about COTAP’s partnership with Costa Rican sustainability consulting firm 100-SD appeared in La Nación, Costa Rica’s leading national newspaper, in an article entitled “Empresa 100-SD certificará compañías costarricenses como c-neutrales.

Partnership with Costa Rican Sustainability Consulting firm 100-SD

November 5th, 2013

100-SDCOTAP has partnered with Costa Rican sustainability consulting firm 100-SD.  This is a very exciting development because Costa Rica has committed to becoming carbon neutral as a country by 2021!

Under the 100% Carbon Neutral program, 100-SD offers carbon emissions measurement and neutrality certification to Costa Rican businesses of all sectors and sizes.  100-SD has selected COTAP as one of its global partners for securing carbon credit retirements for its clients.

100-SD’s 100% Carbon Neutral process is expected to take 45 days for most clients, and it is expected that the first companies to obtain certification under this process will be announced December 1.