Offset Your Wedding’s CO2 Emissions

Carbon dioxide emissions are an unavoidable aspect of virtually all weddings, and air travel is by far the biggest source of travel emissions for weddings.  An important part of any green wedding is addressing those emissions, and COTAP empowers you to do this in a very unique and meaningful way.

How It Works

Quickly and accurately assess the emissions of your guests’ flights in two steps:

  • Using your guest list, figure out which flight length pertains to each guest using our below methodology.
  • Send us an email at, and we’ll immediately put together a no-obligation quote based on our below methodology.
  • If you like, COTAP can also custom-tailor your offset transaction to reflect any flight distances which fall outside of our below methodology, and upon request we can even create a custom page on COTAP which you can share with your guests (at no extra cost)!

Methodology and Costs

COTAP’s current average price is USD $9.90 per tonne, and flights offset through this page are allocated evenly to our 4 projects in Nicaragua, Mozambique, Uganda, and Malawi.  Per our methodology for flights, the costs for each flight length are:

  • $5.35 for short roundtrips.  .54 tonnes CO2.  1,000 miles / 2 hours roundtrip.  Example – Raleigh to New York.
  • $6.34 for medium roundtrips.  .64 tonnes CO2.  2,000 miles / 4 hours roundtrip.  Example – Chicago to Denver
  • $19.99 for long roundtrips.  2.02 tonnes CO2.  5,500 miles / 9 hours roundtrip.  Example – Los Angeles to Atlanta.
  • $36.43 for extended/international roundtrips.  3.68 tonnes CO2.  10,000+ miles / 15+ hours roundtrip.  Example – London to Seattle.

Our Mission, Transparency, & How It Works

To learn more about why and how COTAP does what it does, please explore the About Us section of our menu above.

Contact us

Contact us at with questions, if you’d like us to set up a custom page to show your guests, and/or if you’d like to customize the allocation of your wedding offset to a specific mix of our projects.

Contact Us For a Quote

Send us an email at

Tax-deductible for U.S. Residents

Because COTAP is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, your entire wedding carbon offset transaction is tax-deductible.

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