Offset Your CO2 Emissions Via Check

US$ 15.00 per tonne | 90% goes to projects | 100% U.S. tax-deductible

Regular ‘ole checks are a GREAT way to offset through COTAP!

Make your check payable to Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Poverty (COTAP) and mail it to:

Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Poverty (COTAP)
1200 Mt Diablo Blvd, Ste 111
Walnut Creek, CA  94596  U.S.A.

If you would like to support a specific project, please note this in the “Memo” section of your check. Otherwise your donation will support all COTAP projects equally. To receive an emailed donation acknowledgment letter instead of a mailed one, please be sure to include your email address.

Why Offset via Check?

Our margins are an uncommonly low, transparent, and consistent 10%… which is more like 7-8% after credit card and PayPal fees. Checks only cost $.20 to deposit. As donation amounts become large, fees can really eat into COTAP’s 10% margin. For example, if a Cotapper offsets 133.33 tonnes for $2,000 through PayPal, the fee is $40.29 instead of $.20 – and that’s money we could have utilized for things like office rent, bookkeeping, and website improvements!

Checks to Help COTAP Grow

If you have already offset your emissions, or if you simply prefer to support COTAP as an organization but not by offsetting, please include “COTAP Operations” or “Help COTAP Grow” in the memo section of your check. Unrestricted non-offsetting donations help us pay for things like website development, graphic design, public relations, like project visits, videography, office rent, postage, web hosting, and international bank wire fees.

Where Your Money Goes

Tonnes offset via check will be evenly allocated to all COTAP projects. You will receive a detailed offset acknowledgment like this one. Your tonnes will be included in our public carbon credit retirements on the Markit Environmental Registry like this. You can track COTAP’s progress and download projects’ annual reports, which contain detailed accounting of payments to communities, in our Transparency section.