The Tax-deductible Climate Change Gift That Also Addresses Global Poverty

US$15.00 per tonne | 90% goes to projects | 100% U.S. tax-deductible

Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Poverty (COTAP) connects individuals’ carbon footprints with certified forestry projects in least-developed countries which create life-changing income for smallholder farmers who live on less than $2 per day.

Why Give COTAP as a Gift?

For someone who already has everything, what better gift than addressing their CO2 emissions while empowering the world’s poorest people? That’s a relevant, thoughtful, and meaningful gift to be given or received by anyone! It’s also quick, easy, and tax-deductible (for U.S. residents). A sample gift certificate can be seen here.

Give COTAP in Just Two Simple Steps

1) Complete a regular COTAP offset transaction on this page.

2) Forward your COTAP email receipt to gift [at] cotap [dot] org with the following:

  • Gift recipient’s name.
  • Preferred delivery method – i.e. email or mailed.  If email, you’ll be cc’d when the certificate is sent.
  • Gift recipient’s email address or mailing address, as applicable.
  • Any special message you’d like us to include.

You’re done!

Learn More about COTAP

To learn more, please see the Mission, Projects, How It Works, How We’re DifferentTransparency, and Standards sections of our site and see our above menu.

Contact Us

Email us at gift [at] cotap [dot] org with any questions, technical issues, or concerns.

A meaningful and unique gift if they're a humanitarian, environmentalist, or both!

Give COTAP by the Tonne

US$15 /tonne | 90% to Projects | Tax-deductible (U.S.) For other amounts, please use

Preset COTAP Gift Levels

US$15 /tonne | 90% to Projects | Tax-deductible (U.S.) For other amounts, please use

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