Offset Your CO2 Emissions with Euros

€15 per tonne | US$ 13.50 per tonne goes to projects

Offset any number of tonnes at right (below if mobile/tablet). You can look up your per-capita carbon emissions figures here.

Important Notes and Instructions

  • A PayPal account is not required. After entering your number of tonnes and clicking the ‘donate’ button, simply select the ‘Pay without a PayPal account’ option on the next page.
  • To offset, enter your tonnes (rounded to the nearest tonne) and click ‘donate’.
  • If, after clicking ‘donate’, you receive the error message “Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.”, please clear out your cookies, browser history, etc. and try again.
  • Pricing in Euros is subject to change.

Offsetting more than 50 tonnes?

COTAP’s margins are an uncommonly low, transparent, and consistent 10%… which is more like 7-8% after credit card and PayPal fees. So, for amounts greater than 50 tonnes / €750, please consider using Wise (formerly TransferWise). At larger offsetting levels, Wise has significantly lower fees and better exchange rates. For more information, email us at

Where Your Money Goes

Your tonnes will be evenly allocated to our projects and you will receive a detailed offset acknowledgement like this one. Your tonnes will be included in our public carbon credit retirements on the Markit Environmental Registry like this. You can track COTAP’s progress and download projects’ annual reports, which contain detailed accounting of payments to communities, in our Transparency section.

Enter Any Number of Tonnes

€15/tonne | US$13.50/tonne goes to Projects | PayPal account not required.

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