Meet A Farmer: Staluzi & Gerald Muhindo

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Yosamu Muhindo joined our partner Ecotrust Uganda’s Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) community reforestation project in 2012. Tragically, Yosamu passed away in 2017 and now Staluzi and Gerald, his widow and one of their four children, now look after the trees that he planted.

In the carbon offsets world, “permanence” of CO2 removals is a vital aspect of project design. With tree planting projects, it’s important to ensure that participants prove ownership of the land that the trees are planted on, and that the trees planted for carbon income enhance livelihoods and don’t compete with food security. In multiple previous farmer interviews, we’ve heard participants allude to how they plan to pass on their trees to their children. In this interview, we see an instance of where that’s actually happened.

In this interview, you’ll learn about their secret to achieving a 100% seedling survival rate and how they’ve used their direct carbon offset income. You’ll also hear their suggestion that the project should consider providing solar panels upfront and deduct the cost from their carbon income. Lastly, you’ll learn what Staluzi’s favorite food is!

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