May The Forest Be With You… COTAP visits the Khasi Hills (2023) | Official Trailer (HD)

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There are already PLENTY of important, serious, detailed, and technical films, documentation, and reports about the Khasi Hills Community REDD+ Project. Case in point, “REDD” stands for “Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation,” which is official UN fancy-talk for what used to be referred to as “avoided deforestation.” Yawn!

So, we are aiming to put out something a little more casual, charming, fun, and maybe even occasionally silly. We spent 3 days checking out a wide range of project activities, meeting and chatting with project staff and beneficiaries to learn how the project is addressing deforestation and creating income and improving lives. We found out things like the proper width of a fire line and how a rice cooker can improve someone’s social life. Oh, and we had a blast! The Khasi we met were some of the most modest, hardworking, regular folk you’ll ever meet, and it was strange to feel homesick to leave a place after only 5 days.

The Khasi project was the first of its kind in India, and remains one of few worldwide that is fully owned and operated by local indigenous communities. The trailblazing Khasi took action first before knowing whether things would work out, and now 10 years on this exemplary project has proven the concept and paved the way for more forest conservation carbon projects in Northeastern India and beyond.

Since 2014, Cotappers have delivered over $240K in carbon offset funding for the Khasi Hills Community REDD+ Project. The project spans 90.7 square miles and over 7,400 households, and through 2021 has made $350,451 in payments to 86 villages.

You can support the Khasi Hills REDD+ project by offsetting your unavoidable CO2 emissions at The donation rate is $15 per tonne, with the project receiving 90% of funds and sharing 60%+ with participating communities, and it’s tax-deductible in the U.S. Your support enables the Synjuk (“Federation” in Khasi) to continue to protect and restore their forests while improving livelihoods for the local community.

Directed by Minnie Vaid of Little Doc Productions.

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