Meet A Farmer: Maria Elisa Gonzales

maria elisa gonzales cotap

Welcome to the exciting first installment in COTAP’s “Meet a Farmer” series!!  Now you can learn more about our projects’ participants’ backgrounds, how many trees they’ve planted, how much they’re earning, how that’s improving their lives, and hear what they say about the project.

Name:  Maria Elisa Gonzales
Community:  La Grecia (Limay, Nicaragua)
Vintage(s) planted:  2011
Number of trees planted per vintage: 3,167
Total trees planted: 3,167
Earnings to date:  $754.22
Total potential earnings (based on successful project):  $2,026.69
GIS coordinates of parcel(s):  547047 UTM East, 1459375 UTM North
Plan Vivo ID: 11.1.026

Maria Elisa Gonzales is a mother of 4 who lives with her husband in La Grecia.  On a daily basis, she manages and maintains her family farm, putting up fencing and making other improvements.

Marie Elisa is glad to be part of the Limay Community Carbon Project since it
stabilizes her finances and helps her community generate employment during
the planting season. With her ecosystem service payments she is able to buy basic food, clothing and school supplies for her children.

A resident of La Grecia all of her life, she is excited to continue to support her community by being part of the reforestation project. “As a viable project, we hope that it continues to grow and bring on new producers. This is not only helpful to the community, but also important for cleaning our air and helping the planet.”

You can read more about our Limay Community Carbon Project, and support it by offsetting your CO2 footprint to it, at

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