Meet A Farmer: Maate Zaverio

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In 2012, Maate Zaverio became a participant of Ecotrust Uganda’s Trees for Global Benefits project. Maate, who lived in the Maliba subdistrict of Kasese, planted 800 trees which are sequestering 406.8 tonnes of CO2 and will result in $1,220.80 in earnings.

The father of 21 children, Maate used some of his earnings to pay school fees and some to treat his chest sickness and other ailments. Maate also shared a very interesting observation which we also heard from several other participants: after planting trees he started getting better weather and more rain.

When asked, “What is your message to supporters of this project?” Maate responds. “Me, I thank you for giving us money. Because you are the people giving us jobs to do trees… We will see what we can do with it.”

After Maate passed away in October 2019, his son Ezira Mukulhameno started looking after the trees.

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