Meet A Farmer: Adam Turyareeba

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Adam Turyareeba joined Ecotrust Uganda’s Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) community reforestation carbon offset project in 2011. He’s planted 400 trees which are sequestering 203.4 tonnes of CO2 and will result in $610.40 in earnings.

Adam has nine children and lives in Munyonyi village, in the Katanda subcounty of the district of Rubirizi. His story – in terms of how he found out about the project and how it benefits him – is not very different from the other TGB participants we spoke with.

But as always, there’s a unique dimension to his story that reveals indirect and interesting aspects of how TGB strengthens communities and reduces vulnerability. Previously, we’ve learned how the trees and TGB earnings continue on with family members if the original participant passes away (Staluzi and Gerald Muhindo), and how TGB supports seedling nurseries (Richard Akora).

In Adam’s interview, we get a glimpse of another unique aspect of TGB: village micro savings groups. Poverty is not only about access to cash, but it’s also about inconsistent and unpredictable sources of cash and income. In this video, you’ll see how multiple TGB participants track the pooling, borrowing, and paying back of cash amongst themselves.

How Your Offsetting Changes Lives