Meet A Farmer: Marcelino Arostegui Mendosa

Community: Morcillo (Limay, Nicaragua)marcelino arostegui mendosa cotap
Vintage(s) planted:  2012
Number of trees planted per vintage: 2,917
Total trees planted:  2,917
Earnings to date:  $446.24
Total earnings (based on successful project):  $1,711.13
GIS coordinates of their parcel(s): 544383 UTM East, 1453540 UTM North
Plan Vivo ID: 12.1.030

Marcelino is a farmer who cultivates principally beans, corn, sorghum, and fruits. He has lived in this region for over 20 years with his wife and their two boys.

Before Marcelino started working with the Limay Community Carbon Project, his farm was in disrepair. Now, through the project, Marcelino has bought various tools for his farm and has been able to do the repairs that the farm needed. He is quite grateful for the economic help, which has also allowed him hire his sons and some friends to help him set up his nursery. Lastly, he has been able to buy extra food supplies for himself and his family.

Marcelino is also looking forward to when he can cultivate the firewood from his plantation. His plantation will provide a long-term source of firewood and additional revenue, and will also reduce the pressure on the natural forest around his home.

He believes this project goes much farther than just reforestation; it is about the improving human and environmental ecology of the region. “This is a social project because there is more involvement from the community,” he states. “Also the new forest helps us to prevent future dry spells and desertification.” Marcelino promises to do everything he can do take care of his part of the forest and carry out the requirements of the project.

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