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Meet A Farmer: Flora Barakagira and Peter Nsababera

October 6th, 2021

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Flora and Peter became participants of Ecotrust Uganda’s Trees for Global Benefits project in 2011. Three of their siblings are also TGB participants.

Flora and Peter both live in Bugoye, in the Kasese district of Western Uganda.

They’ve each planted and care for 400 trees which are sequestering an estimated 406.8 tonnes of CO2 and they are projected to earn $1,217.80 between the two of them.

Check out their interviews to learn about their tree-planting “sibling rivalry” and hear how Peter’s earnings helped him send his son to driving school!

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Meet A Farmer: Maate Zaverio

November 24th, 2020

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In 2012, Maate Zaverio became a participant of Ecotrust Uganda’s Trees for Global Benefits project. Maate, who lived in the Maliba subdistrict of Kasese, planted 800 trees which are sequestering 406.8 tonnes of CO2 and will result in $1,220.80 in earnings.

The father of 21 children, Maate used some of his earnings to pay school fees and some to treat his chest sickness and other ailments. Maate also shared a very interesting observation which we also heard from several other participants: after planting trees he started getting better weather and more rain.

When asked, “What is your message to supporters of this project?” Maate responds. “Me, I thank you for giving us money. Because you are the people giving us jobs to do trees… We will see what we can do with it.”

After Maate passed away in October 2019, his son Ezira Mukulhameno started looking after the trees.

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Meet A Farmer: Beatrice Tibamwenda

November 5th, 2020

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Beatrice was one of the first interviews from COTAP’s visit to Ecotrust Uganda’s Trees for Global Benefits project. Since 2012, Beatrice has planted 400 trees which sequester 203.4 tonnes of CO2 and will earn her a total of $610.40. “Since I planted trees, it has changed my life,” Beatrice says. She also explains an interesting and unexpected side effect of the TGB project – how it brings people together and enhances their social lives. Rural community members like Beatrice are often spread out over large areas and, before TGB, did not have as many opportunities to meet and get to know one another.

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Meet A Farmer: Justina Gutiérrez Muños

December 23rd, 2019

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Justina Gutiérrez Muños is a 59-year-old resident of Mansico, near the town of Somoto in northwestern Nicaragua. She has lived in Mansico her entire life, has been farming since she was 12, and lives on her family’s farm with her brothers, mother, and her mother’s grandchildren.

Her family grows corn, beans, and sorghum as well as raises chickens. When the harvest is good the family earns income from the surplus crops, but when harvests are bad they’re only able to feed themselves and collect seeds for the following season.

On a typical day, Justina wakes up early to oversee crops’ progress and to manage field workers. She likes to be on the farm on the weekend too because it is a nice atmosphere with all of the trees, especially if it’s a beautiful day.

Justina learned about Taking Root’s CommuniTree project from her neighbor Aura Estela. She was extremely motivated to participate, because she has always liked to work with plants. During the 2019 season, her family planted 5,000 trees!

The newly-planted tree species on her farm provide many benefits and comprise Genizaro, Mandagual, Pochote, Madero Negro y la caoba. These trees help to preserve water not only for her family, but also for their neighbors and wider community. The trees improve the temperature of the farm (and the planet as well!). They provide wood, shade, better soil, and protection against erosion. For these reasons, and simply because she appreciates the trees’ beauty, Justina wants to plant even more next year. She’s also proud and competitive about her reforestation plots, and wants hers to be one of the best.

Justina and her family use their earnings – which come from the CommuniTree project’s substantial and direct sharing of carbon offset revenues -– for both planting and caring for the trees and for making farm improvements such as irrigation. In this way, their carbon income supports many activities that improve their farm and hence their livelihoods and resilience!

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Meet A Farmer: Winfred Musimenta

May 20th, 2019

We’re pleased to share this interview with Winfred Musimenta, the head teacher at the Rumuri Primary School. The school has been enrolled in our partner Ecotrust’s Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) community carbon project since 2011. A mother of five who’s been with the school since 2014, Winfred discusses how the school got introduced to TGB, the types of trees which have been planted, and the benefits which they provide.

Winfred also discusses how Ecotrust’s long-term support (from carbon offset revenues!) is instrumental in establishing and maintaining the plantings. The Rumuri school is located in Rubirizi, in the far southwestern corner of Uganda near Queen Elizabeth National Park and the DRC border.