Tambor Lyngdoh discusses the Khasi Hills Community REDD+ Project

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Bah (Sir in the Khasi language) Tambor Lyngdoh recorded this presentation for Day 2 of the Plan Vivo Foundation and Carbon Standard’s Stakeholder Meeting on September 28, 2022. It was part of a panel titled “How do we strengthen our regional presence/ What are the opportunities for Plan Vivo in each region?”

Tambor is Secretary of the Synjuk or Federation which governs the exemplary Khasi Hills Community REDD+ Project. The full name of the Synjuk is Ka Synjuk Ki Hima Arliang Wah-Umiam Mawphlang Welfare Society (KSKHAW-UMWS) and their tagline in Khasi is “Ia La Ka Mei Mariang Ngin Sumar Kylliang” which means “It is our part, to take care of our Mother Nature.”

Tambor gives an overview of the project, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary as the first such project in India and one of few worldwide that is owned and operated by local indigenous communities.

Topics include the project’s achievements and its historical, cultural, and conservation contexts as well as project governance structure and strategies which strengthen and diversify community income streams and food security.

Further, Tambor covers strategies for household fuel alternatives to firewood and charcoal, such as electric rice cookers and LPG (liquid propane gas) stoves, which reduce pressure on the forests. The project has supplied approximately 1,000 rice cookers and 4,500 LPG stoves to the communities.

Tambor also discusses progress in addressing project challenges such as drought, fire, charcoal demand, and ensuring continued implementation and progress across a project area spanning 90.7 square miles and over 7,400 households.

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