Tax-deductible Carbon Offsetting… without going through COTAP’s website


In August 2022, COTAP’s website was hacked. We fixed that, but some users were still seeing security warnings because website security rating services like Mimecast and McAfee have poor mechanisms for requesting removal from their blacklists. So, we put together this list of ways to offset through COTAP without touching our website.

Alternative ways to offset/donate to COTAP

Ensuring your donation is used as intended

When using the options below, our default treatment of a donation is offsetting to all active projects. Per our Terms of Use, this assumes we receive either a donor name or an explicit offsetting designation. You can forward your email receipt to donate [at] cotap [dot] org to confirm your donation intention as offsetting, to designate a specific project, or to let us know that you’d like 100% of your donation to go towards COTAP’s operations and expansion.

Please inform COTAP if you see a security warning

Email us at security [at] cotap [dot] org with as much information as possible, including the browser you’re using as well as screenshot(s).

How Your Offsetting Changes Lives