Introducing 3 New Projects in Mexico, Fiji, & Indonesia…

Now when you offset your unavoidable CO2 emissions through COTAP, you’re enhancing landscapes and livelihoods in 6 countries: Nicaragua, Uganda, India, Mexico, Indonesia, and Fiji!

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Chiapas, Mexico

Dating back to a pilot programme in 1994, Cooperativa AMBIO’s Scolel’te project is the longest-running ecosystem services project in the world. Scolel’te, which means “the tree that grows” in Mayan Tzeltal language, was the very first project registered under the Plan Vivo carbon standard. Spanning 9,150 hectares of restored and protected forests, Scolel’te has achieved projected carbon benefits of 550,331 tonnes and generated $1,017,945.80 for approximately 2,500 participating households. You can offset your CO2 through this project here.

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Jambi, Indonesia

Coordinated by Komunitas Konservasi Indonesia (KKI) WARSI, the Bujang Raba Community PES (Payments for Ecosystem Services) project, conserves endangered primary rainforest in Sumatra’s Bukti Barisan forest through an avoided deforestation intervention programme, also referred to as REDD+. The project involves 5 indigenous communities in protecting tropical mountainous forests. Since 2016, 934 households have protected 5,339 hectares, verifiably preventing 227,460 tonnes of CO2 emissions. You can offset your CO2 through this project here.

Vanua Levu, Fijinakau logo cotap

Through 2019, the Drawa Rainforest Conservation project has created $283,063.32 in income for approximately 120 inland village households in Vanua Levu, Fiji. Managed by the Nakau Programme and operational since 2018, Drawa protects 4,120 ha of tropical rainforest and prevents the emissions of 18,800 tonnes of CO2 per year. Drawa is owned by the indigenous Fjiian landowners, comprising approximately 450 people across five villages. You can offset your CO2 through this project here.

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