Meet A Farmer: Isidoro Davila

isidoro davila cotapCommunity:  La Grecia (Limay, Nicaragua)
Vintage(s) planted:  2011
Number of trees planted per vintage:  6,139
Total trees planted:  6,139
Earnings to date:  $963.81
Total earnings (based on successful project):  $3,928.94
GIS coordinates of their parcel(s): 545969 UTM East, 1455213 UTM North
Plan Vivo ID:  11.1.025

Isidoro and his family of 6 moved to the San Juan de Limay region four years ago. They all participate in running the family farm: raising cattle, maintaining the fences, and planting crops.

Isidoro recognizes the positive impact the Limay Community Carbon Project has brought to him and his community. The ecosystem service payments have given him the funds to hire extra hands during the planting season.  His  family is also excited about the environmental and economic benefits that the project has brought to their farm. Isidoro can now see a forest growing!  The project has also enabled them to buy sturdier fences and raise healthier crops.

He hopes that the Limay Community Carbon Project will continue in the region for a long time, as it is such an important source of employment and positive change in the community.  He will stay with the project as long as he lives, and assures that his family will carry on after him.

You can read more about our Limay Community Carbon Project, and support it by offsetting your CO2 footprint to it, at

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