Meet A Farmer: David Castellón Martínez

Community: San Juan de Limay
Vintage(s) planted: 2012
Number of trees planted per vintage: 14,103
Total trees planted: 14,103
Earnings to date:  $1,409.12
Total earnings (based on successful project):  $8,272.10
GIS coordinates of their parcel(s):541690 UTM East, 1457221 UTM North
Plan Vivo ID: 12.1.028

David has been in San Juan de Limay for over 60 years, and now lives in a busy household of 10. On a day-to-day basis, he is responsible for taking care of the animals on the farm and maintaining the vegetable garden and the corn.

He has learned a lot through the Limay Community Carbon Project and is happy that he can make his property beautiful through reforestation. David is confident about his participation, as the project has provided him with the tools and knowledge to successfully maintain his forest.

David is very pleased with the project. With his ecosystem service payments so far, he has been able to buy much-needed work tools and food. “The project has improved my life and provided a great example for us,” he states. “It has allowed us to change our landscape and has provided a source of employment for our community. It has also changed our view towards destroying the environment – instead we should reforest!”

You can read more about our Limay Community Carbon Project, and support it by offsetting your CO2 footprint to it, at

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