Meet A Farmer: Julian Velasquez

Name: Julian Velasquezjulian velasquez cotap
Community: La Grecia (Limay, Nicaragua)
Vintage(s) planted: 2011
Number of trees planted per vintage:  2,037
Total trees planted: $2,037
Earnings to date:  $317.83
Total earnings (based on successful project):  $1,705.76
GIS coordinates of their parcel(s): 545860 UTM East, 1456562 UTM North
Plan Vivo ID: 11.1.037

Julian lives in a bustling household with his wife, two small children, his brother and his cousin.  When not participating in the Limay Community Carbon Project, he takes care of his livestock, plants crops or repairs the fencing.  He has lived in the region for 36 years.

Julian is very pleased with the project. He has been able to use the money from the ecosystem services payments to buy essential materials and hire help to make major repairs on the farm.  He will continue to work with the project as long as he is in good health, he says.  He hopes that the project stays in the region and continues to help the farmers take care of the trees in the long term.

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