Meet A Farmer: Osman Antonio Cruz Reyes

osman antonio cruz reyes cotapName: Osman Antonio Cruz Reyes (pictured center, in green shirt)
Community:  Parsila (Limay, Nicaragua)
Vintage(s) planted:  2010
Number of trees planted per vintage:  2,139
Total trees planted:  2,139
Earnings to date:  $749.28
Total earnings (based on successful project):  $1,254.83
GIS coordinates of their parcel(s): 547283 UTM East, 1459747 UTM North
Plan Vivo ID: 10.1.008

Osman lives with his father, mother, two brothers and two sisters in Parsila, where he has lived all his life. Osman participates in the Limay Community Carbon Project to earn money for his family and to maintain the health of his land. He has benefited from the improved cookstove program, which has reduced the amount of firewood that his family has to gather each day. With the ecosystem service payments, his mother has been able to buy school supplies and clothing for the children in the family.

As long as the project organizers continue to help the farmers manage the project, Osman will continue to participate, he says. He hopes that the project can continue to provide healthy seedlings from the greenhouses and that the ecosystem service payments continue to grow so that he can maintain a healthy forest.

“Congratulations,” he tells the project developers,“for being entrepreneurs of a project with a vision for the good of the planet and, in particular, for the town of San Juan de Limay. I wish you luck and that the project continues on this path.”

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