Updates – April ’11


Please enjoy these piping hot Cotap updates!

1) IRS 501(c)3 status. Still waiting. We submitted Jan 5th and received an acknowledgement on Jan 25th telling us to expect an update in 90 days… which means around next week. We’re glad there wasn’t a government shutdown : ‘ D

2) Website. First versions of our home page redesign are done. The new Cotap.org is going to be HOT, transaction-ready, and with a fully functional/SEO crawl-able blog so that we can start dropping some thought leadership.

3) Partnerships. This is mostly top secret, but we will share that we’re in discussions with multiple, mission-aligned forestry carbon projects all across the globe. Each one of them is not only achieving accredited and verifiable carbon sequestration, but equally as important to us, they are empowering economically vulnerable and rural communities.

4) Oh, and GSVC. Cotap didn’t move forward in the Global Social Venture Competition last month. But we did emerge from the process with a brand new business plan that will show funders why we’re going to be an extremely impactful and scaleable nonprofit startup!

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