THANKS for Cotapping!

On behalf of the farmers participating in our projects, COTAP THANKS YOU for hiring them to offset your unavoidable CO2 emissions!

We’re giving away 20 tonnes each (a $300 value!) to the first 50 Cotappers who refer at least 5 new Cotappers who offset at least 5 tonnes/$75 each. Learn more at

We’re an IRS 501(c)3 public charity, so your carbon offset transaction qualifies for many employer donation matching programs. Per our Terms of Use, 100% of employer matching funds are used for our operations and expansion. This helps maintain our modest margin of 10%. If you need assistance determining whether your employer matches donations, contact us at match at cotap dot org.

Spreading the word offline is key. The best way for people to find out about COTAP is in-person, and from someone they know and trust. That’s you! Request a batch of free 4×6″ flyers to give to friends, family, and colleagues… and to put in your favorite local café.

  • Leave us a 4+ star review on Great Nonprofits so we can earn their “Top Rated” badge for our website, which helps our credibility.
  • Provide a testimonial for our website and earn free MERCH. Simply send us your name, profile picture, and 80-100 word testimonial to testimonials at cotap dot org.
  • Do an endurance event fundraiser (like Zephyr & Zach) get free sportswear! Learn more here.
  • Give COTAP as a gift.

To contact us with feedback or questions, you can email info at cotap dot org, use the form below, use the Help live chat button at the lower right corner of any COTAP page, or call us at the number below.


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Request free stickers/decals

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Request free 4×6 flyers to share

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