Earn Free Carbon Offsets from COTAP
When You Refer 5 Friends

Refer 5 friends and we’ll offset 20 tonnes of your emissions!

What We’re Doing

To help spread the word about COTAP, a generous donor has provided funding for up to 50 Cotappers to each have 20 tonnes retired on their behalf – a $300 value and typically more than enough to offset most individual’s annual unavoidable CO2 emissions.

How it Works

  • Share this link with your friends, family, and co-workers and instruct them to enter your name in the “Referred by” field when donating: https://cotap.org/donate/referral/.
  • Successful referrers will be the first 50 Cotappers who refer at least 5 new Cotappers who offset at least 5 tonnes/$75 each.
  • Each successful referrer will receive 20 tonnes retired on their behalf and an offsetting e-certificate.

Participant Progress as of 12/8/23

(Rows will be added to this table as we receive new referrals.)

RankNameReferralsTonnesReferral $
1E. Freireich260.00$900.00
2Z. & Z. Cooper445.00$675.00
3K. Coleman and T. Walter220.00$300.00
4A. Petitdemange16.67$100.00

Important Rules & Notes

  • This promotion is open to everyone. If you become a first-time Cotapper as a result of this program, you too are eligible to participate.
  • This promotion ends when 50 people have each referred 5+ people, each of whom have offset 5+ tonnes. Though referral donations may continue to come in after that point, the above standings will not continue to be updated after this promotion has ended. Referrals under this program will not be carried over to any similar future incentivized word-of-mouth campaign.
  • Successful referrers will receive individualized COTAP e-certificates noting their 20-tonne offset. Successful referrers do not take possession of carbon credits; rather, carbon credits will be pooled with those resulting from other donations and retired on a successful referrer’s behalf. For more, please see https://cotap.org/transparency.
  • These rules and notes are subject to updates.
  • Questions? Contact us at support@cotap.org

Referral Eligibility

  • The referrer must be an existing COTAP donor.
  • The referral (the person being referred) cannot be an existing COTAP donor.
  • Referrals must offset/donate using this link https://cotap.org/donate/10-years/.
  • A referral cannot be claimed by more than one referrer. Only the first referrer will be counted. A referral cannot make two $75+ donations and give two different referrer names, for example.
  • If a referral makes more than one donation, they only count as one referral but their tonnes/$ will be reflected in the standings.
  • The referrer must be an individual and cannot be an organization.


The standings table above will list successful participants by first name initial and last name. For example, Evelyn Smith will appear as E. Smith. If you would like to remain anonymous, let us know at info@cotap.org. That said, your referrals must provide your name when donating or we’ll have no way of knowing their donation is attributable to you. Learn more about COTAP’s privacy policies at https://cotap.org/privacy.

Where The Money Goes

Donations through this campaign are allocated the same as a regular COTAP donation. COTAP’s pricing is $15/tonne, our margin is 10%, and the remaining 90% gets paid out evenly to our partner projects in Uganda, India, Fiji, and Indonesia. Projects share 60%+ of carbon revenues with participating communities, so with COTAP you are creating $8.10+ per tonne in income for the poorest communities in the world. For more, please see https://cotap.org/transparency.

Employer Matching

Please note that employer matching donations stemming from a referral’s donation do not count towards a referrer’s standing.

We’re an IRS 501(c)3 public charity, so your carbon offset transaction qualifies for many employer donation matching programs. Per our Terms of Use, 100% of employer matching funds are used for our operations and expansion. This helps maintain our modest margin of 10%.

COTAP previously offered Double the Donation’s matching lookup tool. Unfortunately, they tripled their pricing to $1,500 per year – for something that’s pretty easy to figure out on your own! If you need help determining whether your employer matches donations, contact us at match at cotap dot org.