Bujang Raba Community REDD+ Carbon Project

Since 2014, the project has generated $362,845 for 934 households in the tropical mountainous forests of Bukit Panjang Rantau Bayur, where household incomes are $4-5/day. It has resulted in the avoidance of 303K tonnes of CO2 emissions by protecting 5,339 hectares on the critical frontier of Sumatra’s last intact rainforests.

Overview of the Bujang Raba Community REDD+ / Payments for Ecosystems Services (PES) project in Jambi, Indonesia.

Project Information

The written summary for this project is under construction!

Project Snapshot

  • Province: Jambi
  • Project Lifespan: 35 years
  • Per Capita Income: ~$1,642.50 per household
  • Planting Started: 2014
  • Project Type: REDD+ / Avoided Deforestation
  • Project Hectares: 5339

Partner Profile

  • Partner: Komunitas Konservasi Indonesia Warsi
  • Headquarters: Jambi City, Indonesia
  • Website:
  • Region(s): Indonesia

Transparency & Performance

  • Next Progress Report Due:
  • Previous Report(s):Download

Carbon Standards


Primary Standard:

  • Methodology: REDD+ / Avoided Deforestation
  • Approval Status: Registered June 10, 2016

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