Offset Your PEP 22 Air Travel CO2 Emissions

22nd Poverty Environment Partnership | June 19-22 2017 | New York, NY U.S.A.
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PEP organizers have again engaged with COTAP to address the event’s climate impact due to air travel. Attendees can neutralize their air travel CO2 emissions through projects in Nicaragua, Malawi, Uganda, and India which improve smallholder livelihoods where incomes are less than $2/day. All projects are certified under the Plan Vivo standard.

Suggested Offsetting Levels

Based on COTAP’s detailed methodology for flights, suggested offsetting levels are:

  • Eastern U.S.: 1 tonne. Up to 2,000 miles / 4 hours roundtrip.
    Example: Washington D.C. or Chicago to New York.
  • Midwest or Western U.S.: 3 tonnes. Up to 7,500 miles / 10 hours roundtrip.
    Example – San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Seattle to New York.
  • Western Europe: 4 tonnes. 10,000+ miles and 15+ hours roundtrip.
    Example – London, Paris, or Zurich to New York.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, or South Asia: 8-9 tonnes. 15,000+ miles and 20+ hours roundtrip. Example – Nairobi, Kampala, Beijing, or Dhaka to New York.
  • Australia and Pacific: 12 tonnes. 20,000+ miles and 25+ hours roundtrip.
    Example – Sydney or Auckland to New York.

The Types of Projects Supported by Your PEP 22 Offsetting

Where Your Money Goes

Your tonnes will be evenly allocated to our projects and you will receive a detailed offset acknowledgement like this one. Your tonnes will be included in our public carbon credit retirements on the Markit Environmental Registry like this. You can track COTAP’s progress and download projects’ annual reports, which contain detailed accounting of payments to communities, in our Transparency section.

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