I’m Fighting Global Economic Inequality & Climate Change!

Blake Richardson Sweats for COTAP!
Blake Richardson Sweats for COTAP!

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The Mission Continues…

Even though my endurance event is now complete, I’m continuing to fundraise for and spread the word about COTAP. And you can still join in the fun by contributing toward my NZ$5,000 offsetting/fundraising goal. I plan to undertake an even bigger COTAP endurance event in 2018… so keep an eye on this page for more updates!

What Did I Do?!

On Wednesday 11th of October, I undertook a grueling half day marathon! It was not a marathon in the traditional sense – it’s a little bit different. I took on a range of group exercise classes combining Strength, Cardio and Plyometric training.  The classes ranged from High Intensity strength interval training to sports inspired cardio training.  Followed by a Base functional and finished off with an Indoor HIIT Cycle 30 mins.  The morning was filled with all sorts of CRAZY COOL stuff, that can leave even the fittest of the fit desperate, gasping for oxygen and totally weak at the knees! One half hour class in a day, 2 -3 times a week is usually plenty for me, but on the morning of October 11, I dug deep and did the equivalent of 6 and a half of these bad boys!! See the links below for more info’ about what my morning looked like and for a taster of some of the AWESOME group fitness classes available at Northern Arena in Silverdale, Auckland New Zealand.

Why I Did It – To Raise Awareness and Funds for COTAP!

Man-made global warming is real, happening now and calls for widespread, creative and immediate action if we are to win this desperate “Race Against Time”. Unfortunately, we all contribute to the problem (either directly or indirectly) in some way, so don’t we all have a responsibility to be a part of the solution as well? We are seeing dramatic increases in the severity and frequency of severe weather events such as droughts, floods, super storms and heatwaves; along with the increased rate of global ice melting which is a real threat to the stable climate that we depend on in so many ways. This is about much more than just saving the polar bears (although they are important too!). I can’t help but think that we all need to do our bit if we are to avoid runaway global warming and even more environmental catastrophes that will be on an even grander scale and pose even bigger problems for future generations.

Like other committed supporters of COTAP who have also done/ are doing endurance events to support the wonderful work that this organisation does, I too am worried about the future that we could potentially be leaving for our tamariki (children). Having just recently become a dad myself the need for purposeful, urgent and widespread activism has become even more apparent to me. We can absolutely ‘tilt the seesaw’ in our favor but, put simply, the time for change and action is now. Thank you for your consideration of sponsoring me in my endurance event to raise funds for COTAP (Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty) who do amazing work that not only offsets carbon pollution but that also changes the lives of those who need it most! Donations can be as small as you like (or of course as BIG as you like); with all donations being gratefully received and appreciated.

About my event

Date:  Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Location:  Northern Arena, 8 Polarity Rise, Silverdale, Hibiscus Coast, New Zealand

5.30am GritStrength @ Northern Arena Gym

6.30am CXWorx @ Northern Arena Gym

7.30am Self directed cardio session (45 mins)

9.15am 1hr BodyAttack @ Northern Arena Gym

11.30am F-Base @ Northern Arena Gym

12.15pm Sprint! @ Northern Arena Gym

My fundraising goal and where your donation goes…

I am aiming to raise NZ$5,000 dollars for the amazing work that COTAP undertake. By supporting my COTAP fundraiser (before or after my event) you are effectively off-setting some or all of your annual CO2 emissions. As a guide, the average New Zealander’s annual CO2 emissions are about 7.22 tonnes per year. Furthermore, you are effectively contributing towards four projects involving the planting of trees, protection of forests and supporting developing communities within projects in Nicaragua, Uganda, Malawi, and India. COTAP allocates 90.9% of your offset transaction to these 4 portfolio projects and it is estimated that a projected 60.4% percent goes to rural communities as earnings as well.

How to support my fundraiser

Please use the PayPal buttons at right (below if you’re on your mobile device or tablet) to make a donation that goes towards my goal of raising NZ$ 5,000 for COTAP through my endurance event. Donations can be as tiny or as big as you wish – all will be gratefully received. If you prefer to not use PayPal, you can donate at COTAP.org/Donate and forward your receipt to blake at cotap dot org.

How Your Climate Change Action Also Addresses Inequality

Climate Documentary: Years of Living Dangerously

This trailer gives us a good idea of what this is about and what is at stake. The first season of this Emmy-winning documentary can be found here, and the second season debuts on Sunday October 30th.


Tonnes offset on this page will be evenly allocated to all COTAP projects. You will receive a detailed offset acknowledgement like this one. Your tonnes will be included in COTAP’s public carbon credit retirements on the Markit Environmental Registry like this. You can track COTAP’s progress and download projects’ annual reports, which contain detailed accounting of payments to communities, in our Transparency section.

Additional Program Details

COTAP pools purchases of carbon offsets by individuals and organizations to support certified afforestation and reforestation projects which make payments to farmers in exchange for the planting and long-term maintenence of trees on their land. All of our projects are certified by Plan Vivo, the longest-standing forestry carbon standard in the world, and the only standard which requires that projects have detailed plans for direct carbon revenue sharing with participating communities.

Plantings and tree growth are monitored and verified, and farmers receive front-loaded, performance-based payments over a period of 7 to 10 years for carbon sequestration which is projected to take place over the course of 25 or more years. In addition, farmers benefit from their trees’ fruit and nut crop income, increased food and fuel security, improved soil quality, and reduced erosion.

More About Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsets are the market-based climate change solution through which you take responsibility for your unavoidable CO2 emissions from driving, flying, and home energy use. By buying offsets, you are taking responsibility for your personal contribution to climate change by indirectly compensating others for performing the service of counteracting the emissions which you haven’t yet been able to eliminate. When you offset through COTAP, you’re going a step further by also transforming livelihoods of some of the poorest communities on Earth.

Offsetting should be done alongside other equally important personal climate change actions, like advocating for cleaner energy sources and reducing your carbon footprint. Offsetting, advocacy, and reduction efforts all work together. For example, the process of measuring your emissions helps to reveal opportunities for reducing your footprint as well as areas where we need cleaner energy sources.

Learn More About COTAP

To learn more, please see the Mission, Projects, How It Works, How We’re DifferentTransparency, and Standards sections of our site and see our above menu.