About COTAP’s “global climate justice” stickers

Measuring 5 inches wide by 1.75 inches high, our handsome stickers/decals are perfect for spreading the word because they’re big enough to be seen yet small enough to go on just about anything!  Learn about our tagline “global climate justice” here.

Where to put ’em

Although they’re designed for the back of your car (as pictured above), you can also put them on things like your bike, your reusable water bottle, or the back of your laptop screen. Let your imagination run wild, but we do ask that you not put them on other people’s stuff without permission. Send a picture of yours to stickers at cotap dot org, along with its location, and we’ll post it as a COTAP “sighting” on our social media pages. Fun!


While supplies last. It’s OK if you are located outside the U.S. Due to abuse from ‘freebie’ websites, non-Cotappers (people who have not donated to COTAP… yet) can still request a sticker but not if you’re just looking for free stuff. We can easily tell using Google Analytics, so don’t waste your time.

Request your sticker(s)

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