Our Impacts

For every tonne you offset with COTAP, you are creating approximately $4.71 in community income and planting approximately 3.3 trees. At our offsetting rate of $9.90/tonne, this comes out to approximately $.476 community income created and .334 trees planted per dollar.
These figures assume you choose COTAP’s default option (most do) of allocating your offset evenly to each of our projects.

MetricNicaraguaUgandaMalawiIndiaTotal / Average
1) All tCO2 issued/issuable346,766 989,05979,40268,4041,483,631
2) Est. Net tCO2 Sold344,985959,27651,96739,7901,396,018
3) Community Income Created$1,448,112$3,218,136$362,706$171,201$5,200,155
4) Community Income per tCO2 Sold$4.20$3.35$6.98$4.30$4.71
5) Trees Planted1,663,5561,928,208513,440N/A4,105,204
6) Trees per tCO24.801.956.47N/A2.77
7) Community Income per Tree
8) Per-tonne Community Income
9) Per-tonne Trees Planted
10) Per-dollar Community Income
11) Per-dollar Trees Planted

The Bottom Line:

Last updated: December 22, 2016