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Since 2011, COTAP has supported Ecotrust Uganda’s Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) community carbon offset project. From March 9-15 2018, we visited TGB project areas in the Rubirizi and Kasese districts

are in the southwestern Ugandan town of Kasese visiting TGB beneficiaries like Adam Turyareeba (pictured above), to hear about their challenges and how the project is benefiting them. Adam lives in Munyonyi and has been with the program since 2014.

We’re also taking along a freelance journalist and videographer to capture and share the experience with you, the Cotappers.

We’re learning from farmers like Adam (above) and Beatrice…


Beatrice Ahimbisibwe is a TGB participant and beneficiary, and she also leads the Bitereko Women’s group, one of the most successful community mobilization groups under TGB. We’ll talk to participants like Musingo Mikaya, Wangoda Edward, and Daniel Mukhwana.


We’ll also check out the progress of participants’ tree plantings, much like we did when we visited our partner Taking Root’s CommuniTree project in Nicaragua back in 2016.

Fundraising goal for our Uganda trip

As you probably know, one thing that makes COTAP different is our modest and transparent margin of $.90 per tonne, which ensures that most of your money goes to our projects. The flipside of our model is that occasional project visits like this, though done very efficiently, represent a very significant expense.

So, instead of increasing our per-tonne offsetting rates or our margins, we’re doing this one-off fundraiser. We’re asking for your help with funding this visit to TGB Uganda. We’re aiming to raise $8,500 to helps cover costs which include:

  • Flights
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Immunizations
  • Professional videographer
  • Visa fees
  • Offsetting CO2 emissions from our flights and ground transportation (!)

To support our Uganda project visit, please click the “Donate” button in the “Support COTAP’s Uganda Project Visit” section of this page, which is either on the right-hand side of this page (if viewed in desktop mode) or below (if mobile)! Please do not use the general Donate button in the page header, which goes to our general offsetting checkout page.

Every little bit helps and we appreciate anything you’re willing to contribute. Thank you for your time and support!

One of our goals: our own project videos

One of the goals of our trip is resolving the issue that COTAP does not actually have its own videos or underlying video assets. We intend to use the professional videography from this trip in many ways, including for a general COTAP overview video, standalone beneficiary interviews/profiles, and COTAP’s own professional video specifically about TGB. Here’s an example of what the latter looks like, done by our friends at ZeroMission, who, like us, are committed and longtime supporters of TGB as well many other Plan Vivo projects.

Save the Planet! One ton of carbon at a time – English version from ZeroMission on Vimeo.