Trees of Hope allocations have been paused.

Thank you for your interest in offsetting your CO2 emissions through the Clinton Development Initiative’s Trees of Hope project in Malawi – a valued and trusted COTAP partner since 2012.

COTAP allocations to this project were paused on 9/15/17.  The project has sold out of its inventory of issued credits and, per its 2016-2017 annual report, the program is still in the process of evaluating its expansion strategy.

As a result, there are no available current or upcoming Trees of Hope credits which COTAP is able to crowdfund for.  So, we’re simply pausing allocations to this project for now.  COTAP seeks to be a mission-aligned, patient, and flexible partner for its projects.  Our poverty alleviation mission is the reason we do things like pausing/unpausing allocations and being vintage agnostic.  Flexible provisions for situations like this are actually covered in our original Terms of Use, dating all the way back to 2012!

As can be seen on our Transparency page, Cotappers (including both Expedia, Inc. and Ziggy Marley!) have generated $39,834.00 for Trees of Hope by collectively purchasing 4,426 of its carbon credits. Overall, Trees of Hope has planted trees which will capture and store 82,901 tonnes of CO2, and it has paid more than $241,000 to 862 smallholder farmer families.

COTAP applauds CDI for these accomplishments, we remain very excited about Trees of Hope’s potential, and we look forward to supporting this project again in the future.

Until then, we hope you will consider offsetting your CO2 emissions by donating to COTAP’s active project portfolio at  You may also choose to support a specific project by going through the donation process of its respective project page.

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