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June 8, 2015

“Cooler Than Gangnam Style!”

“Your testimonial goes here! We’re looking for existing customers to submit 50-100 word testimonials (this one is 82 words) sharing things like why you’ve offset your emissions with us, what you like about COTAP, and how you think we’re different, better, etc. Testimonials are an effective and proven selling tool, and yours will help us convince more new visitors to our site that they, like you, should do their part about climate change while also improving incomes for the world’s poorest people!”


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“More Everything.”

May 21, 2015

“More Everything.

“COTAP’s about way more than climate change and carbon offsetting, because they address economic inequality too. They’re more global, transparent, and accountable than other offset providers, and most charities in general. They’re a refreshingly positive antidote to the always-negative and disempowering national climate conversation. COTAP’s also compelling because they properly contextualize themselves with regards to the need for footprint reduction, and how they fit in with California’s progressive policies like the Climate Credit and the Low Carbon Fuel Standard.”

Josh Chesler
Long Beach, CA

“Great Program.”

May 19, 2015

“Great Program”

“Great program for those that care about a livable world that we are borrowing from our kids and grandkids.”

Tim Reckmeyer
Microsoft Technical Account Manager
Minneapolis, MN

“Truly Unique and Innovative.”

May 4, 2015

“Truly unique and innovative.”

“COTAP is the only organization that I’m aware of that directly connects the climate change and global poverty issues. It is a truly unique and innovative platform.”

Ted Holman
San Francisco, CA

“A great way to do the right thing.”

April 26, 2015

“A great way to do the right thing.”

“Climate change and poverty are daunting challenges and COTAP is a great way to have a meaningful, measurable impact on both. The IPCC report states that we need to get to 600 lbs/CO2/person/year to keep warming under two degrees. So, I’m taking action towards becoming carbon neutral by driving an electric car, flying less, and offsetting my CO2 to address what I’m unable to eliminate. I choose COTAP because it’s more meaningful, transparent, simple, and fun… and because it’s a great investment in future generations!”

Matt Hollingsworth
Microsoft Technical Specialist
Santa Monica, CA