Additional Offsetting Options

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Offsetting by Check

Corporate Employee Donation Matching Programs

Many large employers match employee donations, and some companies even match the donations of their retirees. 90.9% of your carbon offset transaction always goes to our projects. Typically, we use matching funds for our startup costs, operations, and expansion. But if your employer is a COTAP partner, 90.9% of their match will go to our projects just like your carbon offset transaction. This doubles your tonnes and reduces your effective offsetting cost to $4.95 per tonne.

Supporting COTAP’s Operations and Expansion

Offset donations made on this page include a transparent and modest 9.1% donation to COTAP. For example, for a 1-tonne transaction at $9.90 the project receives $9 and COTAP collects $.90 as a fee. To make a donation where 100% goes to help with COTAP’s startup costs, operating expenses, and expansion, you can do so here.